I am a dedicated and passionate software engineer with over 15 years commercial experience developing and supporting business applications.

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Current & Past Projects

Land Information New Zealand - Landonline Rebuild

I was the first consultant hired to help build up the development capability within LINZ for the Landonline rebuild project. I was responsible for recommending and implementing development best practises and helping to grow the team.


BuildSpider - buildspider.com

I was contracted to build a number of new features to this construction project administration application, including a new Consultants feature, and enhancements to the communication functions.


1Place Compliance Manager - 1placeonline.com

I was tasked to rebuild an ageing jQuery Mobile app using modern cross-platorm technologies for Android, iOS and Windows UWP


Xero Developer Portal - developer.xero.com

My team and I built a new full-stack JavaScript / Typescript web application, to help Xero's API partners to build and manage their integrations more easily.


Junari CRM+ - www.junaricrmplus.com (info site only)

I was the lead architect and developer on Junari’s new web-based CRM product. It was based on the OpenERP python framework (now "Odoo"), and we developed many easy-to-use modules and customisations for our small-business customers.


MAPP Visual Planning Tool - www.themapp.com

My team at Junari also got to work on a number of other interesting projects. including a visual web-based drag-and-drop planning tool for business change.


3DOn Augmented Reality App - YouTube (marketing video)

I was lucky enough to be involved in a project with a local 3D Graphics company to develop an early Augmented Reality app for iPhone, designed to help architects visualise their designs in-situ.